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Neon signs are an old favourite, and in many cases are coming back into fashion for their ‘retro’ look. All about attracting attention, we can create a truly bespoke sign that conveys the essence of your brand. The angles and shapes achieved with neon are great for lettering. Neon signs are glass tubes filled with inert gas which glows with the passing of an electrical current. Fully customisable neon signs are constructed by bending the tube into the required shape. To learn more about Neon and our Illuminated sign options talk to your local Signarama expert today.

Neon signs can be for either indoor or outdoor use, available in 30 colours to match your corporate branding.

Two types of neon are available: Standard (Blue & Red) or Coloured Glass with around 30 colours, which is more expensive, but is much more vibrant.

Choose from three sizes of neon tube: 9mm for tight curves such as script lettering, 12mm for most work, and 15mm for larger lettering.

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