When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. As we settle into the the new normal, let's get back to basic and focus on Sales to make it through these uncertain times. Here are a few useful tips from Ray Titus.

  1. Dress for success. How successful do you look? Remember, you need to dress the part to look the part and be confident playing the part. People like dealing with people who are positive, confident and look successful.
  2. Remember the A-B-C of the business ie. Always Be Closing,  Focus on the next step to closing the deal, one step at a time.
  3. Get Face to Face - book appointments with everyone, stop qualifying them out. Salespeople who don't second guess are more successful. See your visit as an opportunity for suggestive sale.
  4. Speed wins - follow up faster, call back and book the appointment faster, come out with the proposal and quotation faster.
  5. Develop a relationship - your number one job is to build personal relationship everyday. Without that you cannot succeed, without personal relationship, you have no repeat business. 
  6. Start fresh at each meeting - be in the moment and present your best self at each meeting. Your client does not know you have a rough day unless you choose to show it. 
  7. Be on time for appointment - be 15 minutes early. If you're early for a meeting, you're right on time. If you're on time for a meeting, you're late, And if you're late for a meeting, you are too late and you've lost.
  8. Pull the shade - stop talking and listen to the client. Ask the right questions. Read the person.
  9. Confidence is KEY. Dress the part, look the part. Ask for the closing. Follow through. Always do what you say, when you say it.
  10. Thank people sincerely - end with a good handshake. Ask for referrals after you close, "Who do you know that could use our services?"

Above all, enjoy the sales journey.