An innovative 3D Printing Light Box

30 May, 2022 by Clara Butt

Introducing 3D printing technology to making signs is a bold trial. Companies are always looking for better ways to push their branded communications to the next level. 3D printing signboards are the most exciting way a business can showcase their name and logo to the public. The concept of 3 dimensional signage is not ne.
However, it can be expensive and time consuming to craft aluminium sheets with traditional fabrication. Think bending and snipping metal to painstaking accuracy to get the shape of each letter just right. Conventional channel letter fabrication is very limiting. Most companies can only create right angles and uniform curves, severely restricting design possibilities.

3D Printing give you the freedom to load nearly any file into the printer and create a unique pop up LED illumination. Creative details like textured, convex or concave returns can be built into the digital file. When lit internally with LED lights, the transparent nature of the printing material results in an eye-catching glow that can’t be recreated with metal channel letters.

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