Horse Trailer Decal for Equal Ark by Signarama Eunos

19 August, 2021 by Clara Butt

Client: Equal Ark

EQUAL is an award-winning animal-assisted intervention centre that develops life skills in youth, people with special needs, families, and elderly with dementia. They rescue animals, who go on to rescue us. At EQUAL, They help their beneficiaries develop their social-emotional skills such as managing impulsivity, building confidence and renewing one's sense of purpose and identity. We do this with the help of our equine, feline and canine partners through a method called Animal-Assisted Intervention (AAI).

Equal contacted Siganrama Eunos to place some sponsors logo on the Horse Trailer. The trailers are used to transport feline from one place to another. They want to thank their sponsors by putting the sponsors logo on the trailer.

Signarama Eunos team help them to work on the design and layout of the logo and stickers on the trailer.

The customer was happy with our print and care with their trailer.

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