Pump Up Your Sales with 50% Savings

18 November, 2021 by Clara Butt

Promotional Posters, Pull Up Banners, also known as Roller / Retractable Banners, are a popular high-impact and cost-effective display solution for your business.
Here are 5 tips to best use of them to promote your business especially during this Christmas season.
1. Pull Up Banners are the perfect advertising solution for a variety of high foot traffic settings, such as trade shows, exhibitions, presentations, conferences, retail displays and more.

2. They are portable, lightweight and adaptable, pull up banners and posters can be used indoors or outdoors, occupying minimal floor space.

3. They are quick to assemble and dismantle, and can be packed away into convenient and protective carry bags.

4. They can also easily use to communicate new brand messages, marketing and promotions by updating your graphics without changing the existing banner unit.

5. Spread a single design across several pull-up banners and posters for maximum impact, or combine multiple designs to create a full backdrop. We can achieve high quality prints with vibrant colours on materials that are built to last.

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