Hoarding Signage and Graphic by Signarama Eunos

26 August, 2021 by Clara Butt

Hoarding signage and graphics are advertisements we all come across all the time in our daily lives – In shopping malls, on the way to work or driving on the road, especially when passing building sites and new developments, be it commercial or residential. It is a message to inform the public the up coming business opening, or new residential or commercial projects.

Hoarding Graphic and signages showcase advertising, while also safeguarding members of the public from potential hazards from the building works to promote health and safety. It’s actually compulsory to have hoarding signage, in many cases, but you can use these otherwise functional panels to great effect as a creative, cost-effective marketing tool. That way, clearly, you make the best possible use of all available space.

Signarama Eunos and our team have completed numerous project as we work closely with new retail outlets and constuctions sites in creative design and installation of Hoarding graphic all over Singapore.

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